Shoten Japanese Izakaya


My wife and I had a favorite Izakaya in college. We loved the many small plates of Japanese grilled delicacies, fresh salads, sometimes big bowls of hot steaming noodles and we always had our favorite sake glasses reserved for us.

Shoten Restaurant (Izakaya) opened recently off of Walker Road and 158th Street. For shoppers who shop at Costco or families who go to the Tualitin Park and recreation Districts Sport Center off of walker also will enjoy this new exciting restaurant. It’s close by.

Getting right down to it, my first impression was this place was well thought out, creative and it has a comfortable feeling. I like the booths and it’s still feels airy as well. Even when everything is new the place looked like a warn place to meet friends and eat well. From the outside, although it was looking like any other restaurant, the outside doesn’t do the inside justice. The walls are decorated with 60’s and 70’s vintage 33 rpm album covers as well a nice collections of Japanese flags. The table tops are wood and the lambs are hand made by the wife and partner of Chef Moon. The chef has been cooking for 25 years. He’s a humble man but I believe his passion is cooking and his mind is for business. I’m impressed already with this new establishment. Chef Ki Moon has over 25 years in the restaurant industry and is well traveled and experienced in both Japanese and Korean culinary arts. His staff, head chef Sang Park and Sous Chef Daniel Edwards have worked in 5 star restaurants such as Nobu, have experience in French, Italian and American style cuisines. These men, chefs, are serious about there food and this new restaurant show it. Here I’ll tell you why …

We sat down and looked at the menu. It was really nice, full and offered a lot of different dishes and specialities. We tried a dish that was called Sizzling Rice Skillet Kyu Don (Lunch $7.95 / Dinner $9.95). It was a healthy portions of marinated grilled beef and onions on tope of fresh seasonal vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, zucchini) and comes with a side of mushrooms, wakame, cucumber salad, and ginger. The set also comes with rice, miso, and a salad. The beef and onions we tasted were cooked perfect. Thin juicy morsels of tasty warm beef and onions floating in and out was just scumpcious. One thing that many Americans have not found yet was thin cut meats that are marinated, sauteed, lightly flavored that are added to other dishes to accompany other small dishes that can be eaten together and mixed in your rice bowl. At Shoten, we enjoyed this great set Kyo Don and would recommend it t anyone. It’s perfect for lunch and dinner.

We next tried a spectacular dish of Peppered Sheared Tuna Sashimi topped with a sliced fried garlic, fresh green onions, and a garlic ponzu sauce that was sweet, wow what flavor. If you like garlic, and love sashimi this is the dish. At 12.50, this dish is a great accompaniment to another dish and throughly enjoyed with a nice large frosty bottle of Asahi. The sashimi was sheared tasty with a hint of salty garlic and fresh tuna flavor with this multi layered sauce of garlic and ponzu refreshing the whole bite.

SHOTEN-R-6We also tried a Tonkotsu Ramen (7.50). Ramen is one of the most difficult menu items I have found to be replicated here in AmeRica. Many restaurants in our area think they know how to fix and serve ramen but they kid themselves. Many come close to the real close and some just can’t prepare a decent bow; of Japanese noodles. But some come close but are not consistent. Today we tried a nice bowl and hot, noodles, egg, pork roast, bamboo shoots, spinach, green onion and wakamé seeping in a light pork soup broth that we devoured. Of all the items we did taste the Ramen wasn’t to my taste. My guest who ate with me enjoyed it but I thought it could use a little more spice. So I added pepper and salt and it did make to my taste but just though it needed a little more.

We tied Yakitori and ordered some Harami Negi (Beef and green onion @ 2.25 each) Tori-Negi (chicken and green onions @ 3.00 each) and Shishito (green sweet peppers @ 1.50 each) Shoten offers six different yakitori items. We tried three and we happy we did. Nice sized portions, not over grilled, juicy and crunchy . Just as you’d expect them. The yakitori is served also with a delicious fruity Yaso Miso sauce that is very tasty and delicious to dip with.

We also tried a sushi roll that was a house special. It’s called the Mt Hood (I think costs $11-12.00) and is served on a long platter and crab, asparagus, avocado, and a delicious Ono fish or white tune topped with both California sauce and a mild hot sauce to bring out the multiple layers of flavors. Other sushi rolls include

Many dishes are a fusion of flavors, ingredients, and cultures.

Conclusion: There are a few Izakaya in town. Only a couple worth eating at and they are downtown. Shoten is located close in Beaverton, at walker road and 158th street. It’s convenient. There is plenty of parking, easy in and easy out. They have a great menu and will be offering more bento combo lunches soon. The chefs really have it together and know how to cook and serve up some good food. Very talented … innovative. They have a proven track record with the highly successful Crazy Chef out in Sherwood Oregon that specializes in Sushi, sushi rolls and good times. This izakaya is set up for great get togethers after work, for birthdays, guest from out of town would really enjoy the atmosphere and food. The service is friendly, prices moderate but well worth what you get. They can make room for parties of 30-40 or if you just need to get away for the evening and let someone else do the cooking, I highly recommend this restaurant for your family, friends and businesses for this up-coming New Years.

Other popular foods are like Une, Monkey Brain Sushi, Bacon wrapped scallops and Yamakake. The restaurant is located at 16165 SW Regatta Lane #5-600, Beaverton Oregon 97006 503-746-6373 visit Hours are Mon-Sat 11:30 to 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM tp 10:00 PM.

Shoten Restaurant was also a supporter of Natsu Matsuri 2013.